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JPA Composite Key

Spinning around for about half an hour, why query with JPA stumble EJB Exception merely. Whereas what I want to do is simple enough to take distinct date data. Apparently the hands and eyes do not go together: D I have a table that consists of 2 primary keys and some additional columns, call it a content table with the following structure: Column Data Type Primary trsdate date Yes custnum int Yes custname varchar No amount double No As you can see, those trsdate and custnum column are primary key. Next, i create following entity classes based on those above table.  @Embeddable public class ContentPK implements Serializable { @Basic(optional = false) @NotNull @Column(name = "trsdate") @Temporal(TemporalType.DATE) private Date trsdate; @Basic(optional = false) @NotNull @Column(name = "custnum") private int custnum; public ContentPK() { } public ContentPK(Date trsdate, int custnum) {