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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is created in order to explain what information is taken from visitors by

If you still have other questions, please contact me directly by email deni [dot] setiawan [at] live [dot] com.

Cookies uses cookies to track visitors. Record browser information used by visitors or other information sent by visitors from the browser used. Ads provided by Google and third party also using cookie.

You can disable cookie recording by switching it off from your browser setting.

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Google as a third party uses cookies to serve ads at

Log Files records information in a log file. Information stored includes IP addresses, hours and dates. Click information, references and exit pages.

This privacy policy is subject to rules made by Google. To see how google use your data, you can follow this link


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Taste the beauty of Cordova

Nowdays, there is a lot of mobile SDK framework that provide developer a solutions to their life, in order to create a multi platform mobile apps. i was tried to build apps for BlackBerry and Android, and basically i got a trouble when i want to make my apps available on both platforms. To much effort!. then i found this Apache Cordova , a free and open source mobile SDK framework based on HTML, CSS and Javascript. Yeay! web is never die. The basic move is really straight forward. Install cordova by executing " npm install -g cordova " create initial app by execute command " cordova create myApp org.apache.cordova.myApp myApp " add web platform with command " cordova platform add browser " execute " cordova run browser " to launch the app if you lost in the command, it can easily shown using command " cordova help ". it will show the howto command also example on how to do some stuff. run " cordova platform "

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Halo gais bertemu lagi dengan saya, kali ini kita akan mencoba mulai belajar salah satu framework frontend yang lagi rame, yaitu vuejs. Untuk memulai ada beberapa poin yang harus di penuhi dulu gais.  tahu apa itu Web memahami HTML pernah menggunakan javascript atau bagus lagi pernah menggunakan JQuery tau cara menggunakan terminal/windows command prompt memiliki komputer/laptop  komputer sudah terinstall nodejs Baiklah, pertama tama kita buat folder kerja, misal belajarvue . Lalu buka terminal/windows command prompt kamu, dan pastikan kamu berada di dalam folder belajarvue tadi. Mulai dengan menginstal vue cli. Pada terminal, jalankan perintah npm install -g @vue/cli . Tunggu hingga proses selesai. Selanjutnya kita akan membuat proyek baru dengan nama petbook, jalankan perintah berikut, vue create petbookvue. Pilih default untuk membuat aplikasi vuejs dengan standard setting. tunggu hingga proses selesai. Jika sudah selesai, akan ada folder baru dengan nama petbookvue di dalam folder

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Following are the steps you might try... download common-fileupload at create web application project on netbeans add library common-fileupload and all dependencies (common-logging, common-beanutils) Create html form with file upload input in it, don't forget to set form enctype to multipart/form-data Create a servlet Create folder "destination" in the root web Create following script to handle upload file 1: boolean isMultipart = ServletFileUpload.isMultipartContent(request); 2: if (isMultipart) { 3: try { 4: FileItemFactory factory = new DiskFileItemFactory(); 5: ServletFileUpload upload = new ServletFileUpload(factory); 6: List items = upload.parseRequest(request); 7: Iterator iter = items.iterator(); 8: String myfile = ""; 9: while (iter.hasNext()) { 10: FileItem item = (FileItem); 11: if (!item.isFormField(