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Taste the beauty of Cordova

Nowdays, there is a lot of mobile SDK framework that provide developer a solutions to their life, in order to create a multi platform mobile apps. i was tried to build apps for BlackBerry and Android, and basically i got a trouble when i want to make my apps available on both platforms. To much effort!. then i found this Apache Cordova , a free and open source mobile SDK framework based on HTML, CSS and Javascript. Yeay! web is never die. The basic move is really straight forward. Install cordova by executing " npm install -g cordova " create initial app by execute command " cordova create myApp org.apache.cordova.myApp myApp " add web platform with command " cordova platform add browser " execute " cordova run browser " to launch the app if you lost in the command, it can easily shown using command " cordova help ". it will show the howto command also example on how to do some stuff. run " cordova platform "